Colombia – War is over, peace is yet to come

I started this photographic proyect in 2014. I am portraying all sides, guerilla fighters, their families, politicians, victims - people for and against peace with the Farc. Every person I portrayed, I asked the same fundamental questions: What did they lose through war, what do they win by peace? It is a work still in progress. My main thesis is the following: The peace accord with the Farc is a huge step forward for Colombia. Still, for several reasons, it does not mean that the South American country is pacified now. Colombians are going to elect a new president and a new Congress in 2018. A future government must continue implementing different subaccords defined in the peace accord. As long as Colombian stays one the most unequal countries in the world, social unrest (and criminality) will prevail. The Farc fighters have handed over their weapons but others will follow them, fighting for a revolution or fighting for sole survival.