Workshop – Arauca 🔗

Cultural Puente, the organizer of the Rio Arauca Workshop, published the portafolios of all participants (including mine) on:

Visiting Farc camps in South Colombia

In the wake of the peace accord between Colombian government and the Farc rebels, German NGO Caritas international invited me to visit different interim camps of the Farc guerrilla the South Colombian province Nariño. Interviews and photographs of notorious commander Romaña and leaders of the 10th front.

Farc rebels: Their 10th and last conference

From 18th to 23rd of september 2016, I attend the last conference of the Colombian Farc guerrilla in the middle of its demobilization. Many stories planned, one of them: Civilians arriving the conference camp and searching desperately for their lost relatives recluted by the rebels.