With its 6267 meters, the Chimborazo volcano is the highest mountain of Ecuador.


Taking the distance to the centre of the earth as a measure,
the Chimborazo is higher than Mount Everest. 


The mountain is a favourite of alpinists and hikers.


Dozens of alpinists died while they attempted to climb Chimborazo.
Many of them are buried at a cemetery at the foot of the mountain.


The vicuña is a relative of the llama and one of two wild camelides living in the Andes.

The vicuña produces fantastically soft wool,
the reason for which the Inca rulers declared it protected.

Indigenous people in Ecuador breed Alpacas to harvest their soft and durable fleece.


Alpacas are curious and shy at the same time. Take care! When stressed they might spit at you.


In 1802, German explorer Alexander of Humboldt failed in the attempt
to reach the summit of the Chimborazo.


Until the 19th century, the Chimborazo was believed to be the highest mountain in the world.


An indigenous guide standing inside his hut. Tourists will usually book a tour
to climb Chimborazo in the nearest town called Riobamba.