How do I produce my own world class coffee?

Step 1: Visit El Eje Cafetero, the traditional coffee region of Colombia.

Step 2: Get yourself some first class coffee plants.

Step 3: Grow your coffee in a spot where temperature is between 18 to 25 degrees all year long.

Step 4: After four years you can harvest your first coffee.

The “coffee bean” is not a bean, it´s the seed of the coffee fruit.

Each coffee fruit normally contains two beans.

Step 5: Clean the beans from four layers of fruit which enwrap the pit.

Step 6: Dry your beans nine days in the sun.

Step 7: You grind the beans into a powder

Step 8: Sieve this powder.

Step 9: Roast your coffee in a pan.

Step 10: Grind the coffee.

Step 11: And here you are, enjoy your day with a tasty coffee!

Most of the pictures were taken during the coffee tour in “Finca Don Eduardo” in Salento.